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The little star was afraid that he was still cold, so he hugged him tightly and exhaled in his ear, which made him feel itchy. "Big brother, with me, you won't be so cold." The pure and magnificent Qionghua birthmark has been lingering in his mind for many years. Perhaps it is really the birthmark of the star, but it looks a little strange. Perhaps, that is just the star mother's playfulness, embroidered flowers on her body, whether it is a real birthmark or not, he has never forgotten that scene. As long as there is a girl with the mark of Qionghua on her body, she must be his star. But about Qionghua birthmark this matter he will certainly keep secret, can not make public, in addition to fear that some people with ulterior motives tattoo birthmark to find trouble, more afraid that this is a wrong hint. Even he himself had some doubts, how could there be such a magnificent and vivid birthmark in the world? Maybe it was really embroidered by Xing'er's mother. It would be unfair to the real Xing'er to judge who was Xing'er only by a vague memory. Maybe it's cherry blossom, peach blossom, plum blossom, pear blossom.. 0022 Chapter 015 beat Zhaodi.  Early in the morning, a red sun rises shallowly from the distant sea level. The light of dawn lifts the veil of night and spits out brilliant morning light to usher in a new day. The rising sun rose in the strong smell of alcohol, spreading a kind of infinite drunkenness towards the vast sky of Silver City. The day is gradually breaking, the pale blue sky is inlaid with a few broken stars, the earth is hazy, as if shrouded in silver-gray gauze. The whole silver city is like a layer of glittering gold gauze, which is very beautiful. The morning glow takes off its beautiful gold clothes and becomes as white as the white jade of the deep sea. The red early sun is no longer shy and climbs higher. A few nightingales and magpies flew from the glass garden,gear reduction motor, and one after another stood on the branches of Qionghua, singing melodious songs, with melodious voices, just like the sounds of nature. Liyue got up early, hung her head and stood under the fragrant Qionghua tree, staring intently at the slender silver needle in her hand. She had been observing the silver needle carefully since last night, and smeared some anesthetic juice and poison juice on it. The silver needle is ready, but I don't know how powerful it is. I have to find someone to try it when I'm free. After putting away the silver needle,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, Li Yue walked to the stone table. At this time, there was a sound of eager footsteps outside the garden gate. Miss, the fourth lady is here. Just as she was thinking, Cher, dressed in green plain clothes, ran into yuanzi with a red face, two small butterfly braids on her head, big and black eyes, thick and long eyelashes fluttering, and fine beads of sweat on her forehead under her curved bangs. She looked very clever. Aunt Liu walked in with Cher, looking anxious and flustered. "Li Yue, just now the old toffee sent someone to report that she wanted to see you. It may have something to do with breaking off the marriage. You should get ready to go to the palace with your mother." Li Yue took her time to nod her head, gracefully and calmly pulled up her hair with a South China Sea jade hairpin, and her left and right ears were set off with a touch of thick and thin curly silk, lined with a pair of slender quadrangular bright diamond earrings, shining, very charming and soft. Have the people in the palace gone? Li Yue made a lazy sound, 24v Gear Motor ,Vending Machine Motor, and Cher hurried over to help her put on her robe and arm yarn. Just left. "Miss, the old toffee likes you very much. Maybe King Xuan will cancel the divorce!" Cher tied the silver and jade ribbon around Liyue's waist, and two white silks and satins fluttered lightly with the wind, making Liyue's soft waist as delicate as a water snake softer. Cher pastes a piece of jade dyed with gold between the eyebrows of the glass moon, just like a gorgeous and colorful flower. The jade is made of various kingfisher feathers. The whole flower is green, sparkling, fresh and unique, gorgeous and colorful. [Note: Cuidian is a kind of flower tin. Flower tin is similar to beauty seal and plum blossom makeup. They are all beautiful ornaments pasted between the eyebrows of young girls in ancient times.] "Whatever it is, let's talk about it then." Liyue lowered her eyes indifferently, walked gracefully and calmly, and walked coldly and gracefully toward the front hall. Aunt Liu and Cher quickly followed. Through the winding gorgeous corridor, accompanied by the fragrance of Nangong Mansion, before arriving at the front hall, Liyue heard the noisy voice of Nangong Zhaodi and Nangong Youruo. Nangongzhaodi's voice was overbearing, while Nanggong Youruo's was gentle and harsh. Li Yue took a deep breath and went in lightly.
"The same is embroidered by plum fragrance, why is yours Qionghua, but mine is cherry blossom?"? I do not comply, if you, I suspect that you have given Mei Xiang benefits, deliberately let her do bad things, to embroider me into cherry blossoms. Nangong Zhaodi covered his chest and stared at Nangong Youruo indignantly. Nangong Youruo's eyes were flowing, and there was always a gentle and kind smile on her face. She proudly touched Qionghua on her chest and said in high spirits, "Don't get angry, Sixth Sister. Fortunately, Mei Xiang sent the man out. Otherwise, you would be regarded as that kind of woman because of your naked appearance.". Mei Xiang is the maid of the first lady. How can I bribe her, Mei Xiang? Mei Xiang, dressed in plain green, bowed her head hurriedly and said fearfully, "Don't argue, two young ladies. It was Mei Xiang who accidentally embroidered the wrong thing. Mei Xiang is willing to be punished.". Miss Six, actually. Your cherry blossoms are also very beautiful, unique, no one, only rare things in the world are lovable, you can spare Mei Xiang. Liyue agate-like eyes with cold cold light, lightly swept two people's chest, when she swept to Nangong Youruo chest, the heart suddenly shocked, Nangong Youruo embroidered Qionghua was exactly the same as hers, simply can not tell who is who. That's all! This birthmark is not a good thing, they love to embroider, then embroider, perhaps her dress, tomorrow will become the object of their imitation. Yo, is Qi Mei ready to go to the palace? Nangong Youruo had a smile on her face and her eyes were shining. When she saw the shining Liyue, the smile on her face slowly turned to jealousy. Suddenly, everyone in the flower hall stared at Liyue with envy and jealousy, as if she had stolen their limelight. At this time, Li Yue's eyes were clear and shallow, and her appearance was quiet and peaceful. She ignored Nangong Youruo's question and looked indifferently at Qin Shi, who was managing the account books. "Madam,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, are you sending monthly money?"? By the way, send the share of Li Yue and his mother. Qin's face was red and white for a while. Under the cover of the light of the glass moon, she looked more and more vulgar and old. She took out two ingots of broken silver from the money box and threw them to Mei Xiang. "This is ten taels of silver. Give it to Miss Qi." 。

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