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Dry machine old way very not easy to think of this one arrow double hang stratagem, but he knew this is the art of the tiger for skin, but the hatred of Zhou Qing made him crazy, no longer care so much, not to mention Zhou Qing know his background, rumors Zhou Qing became a guest of Shushan elder, this makes dry machine old way crazy. When the Lama saw the appearance of Gan Ji Lao Dao, he nodded with satisfaction and said, "If I don't need something, I'll naturally give it to you. It's a big joke that you're in such a mess." Regardless of the old way, the Lama grabbed the cloud fairy. Suddenly, a burst of golden light scattered around Zhou Qing, and a fiery red lotus rose slowly. The lotus began to be very small, as if it were the size of a little finger, but in an instant it became the size of a lotus. The Lama saw clearly at a glance that the lotus was not a real thing, but a strange red flame. But it was this flame that formed the Lotus Lama, and when he saw it, he suddenly shivered all over and screamed, "Red Lotus is red!"! Unexpectedly, it is Red Lotus Industry Fire! "Alas!" Amid the screams of the lamas, the red lotus flower, which was the size of a tree, suddenly burst open and turned into a red lotus flower all over the sky,Inflatable mechanical bull, covering the old way of the dry machine and the lamas. But it was Zhou Qing who escaped from the body and hid in the void at the moment when the old way of the dry machine took out the immortal rope and appeared. If he didn't burn, he would be tied up by the immortal rope. Even Zhou Qing's golden body would be tied up to death, but the old way of the dry machine was not free to use it, so Zhou Qing escaped silently. Zhou Qing this hand is the most powerful in the golden body, but also the most horrible one, self-explosion in the hands of eight kinds of weapons! www.dxsxs.com Chapter 121 the benefit of the fish. General monks desperately, the most powerful is the self-explosion of yuan Shen, such methods are powerful, but they are dedicated to death,inflatable water slide, and the other side's means of death, not blood feud, no monk will use this move, moreover is to reverse the essence and blood, increase power, but these two losses are too great, the safest way to desperately is to trigger Zhenyuan to self-abuse his personal magic weapon. Carry a magic weapon, is after their own years of practice, the combination of true yuan, can be used freely, more or less also contains a trace of their own primordial spirit, plus the general magic weapon contains a powerful spiritual power, this self-violence, of course, the power is unmatched, although not self-violence as the primordial spirit burst out in an instant ten times the power, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,Inflatable outdoor park, but also more powerful than some secret magic. Zhou Qing, the eight weapons condensed by the golden body, is much more powerful than the general magic weapon formed by gathering all kinds of energy through his own mind, especially after the self-explosion, there is no damage to himself, and as long as he practices penance afterwards, he can condense into shape, which is a first-class desperate magic. Zhou Qing, for the sake of safety, uses the most powerful lotus flower in self-explosion. Triggered the most terrible red lotus industry fire, this red lotus industry fire is not like other flames to hurt people with high temperature, this red lotus industry as long as any creature sticks to it, it will be eroded by endless cause and effect, the primordial spirit immediately into the eternal reincarnation, there is no chance to turn back, that is, reincarnation thousands of times have no chance to transcend the suffering of the six reincarnations. It is said that the red lotus karmic fire is of little use to ordinary people, but it is the most terrible thing for monastic people. Even if both form and spirit are destroyed, it is better than being trapped in the six paths of samsara forever. Red lotus karmic fire is a legendary thing, which has been recorded in Taoism and Buddhism, but it has never been seen who can trigger it. Lamas are also knowledgeable, and they know in an instant that it is the most horrible thing in the legend. There is no magic weapon to resist, and the magic power is no match for karma. Even if they jump out of the three realms, the celestial beings who are not in the five elements can not touch it at all. If you touch it, you can go to reincarnation obediently, eliminate the injustice, and then become the great way. Unexpectedly, this Bodhi golden body can actually trigger the red lotus karma fire. Lamas all doubt whether this is the Buddhist method or not.
"Ah!"! "Oh, ah ah, tie up the fairy rope and hold it!" Although the legendary red lotus karmic fire could not be resisted, the Lama was unwilling to let the karmic fire touch his body. Instinctively, he used his most powerful magic weapon to resist. The bundle of immortals, which was divided into six paths, was taken back and formed a golden fishing net on the top of his head. However, the Lama had already used all his strength. His whole body was full of fat and trembled to a mountain of meat. The golden light on the bundle of immortals was flourishing. Unexpectedly sent out a mysterious and clear sound that resounded through the world. Dry machine old way suddenly came out of the eyes of the evil light, a flash also hid in the protective circle of the light net formed by the Lama, but now he has no powerful magic weapon, it is not a little resistance to this terrible thing, the Lama is also concerned about himself, the light net only covers himself, the dry machine old way naked outside, fortunately dry machine old way alert. If you don't dye, you will become cannon fodder. Gan Ji Lao Dao had the intention to kill the fat monk in his heart for a long time. If it were not for the deliberate use, plus the fact that he had lost his magic whip and physical body, his fighting capacity had been greatly weakened. He was no match for the Lama who had a bundle of immortals in his hand. Gan Ji Lao Dao had already turned the fat monk's primordial mind into his own body. Ganji Laodao and the Lama were just trying to resist Zhou Qing's red lotus fire, but they didn't notice the situation of the four kings over there. Originally, the four kings had lost their life relics and were bound by the immortal rope. They had fainted. Now, as soon as the immortal rope was loosened, the four kings should fall down. Where did they know that the six-armed golden Buddha standing in the distance to fix the nine-day wind suddenly separated a group of auspicious clouds to hold the four Kings in the void? Avoid the fate of the four kings falling down and throwing their flesh and blood into mud. Tens of thousands of fist-sized lotus flames hit the immortal rope in unison, then exploded and disappeared without a trace. The golden and dense light net shook for a while, and the Lama's whole body broke out in a cold sweat. However,Inflatable water obstacle course, at least it withstood the red lotus fire, which claimed that even the celestial immortals would re-enter the cycle of reincarnation. The Lama suddenly felt that he still had enough strength. He was stunned and said, "Isn't it true that the Red Lotus Fire is said to be impossible to resist no matter what magic weapon it is?"? How can I still support so long? Is the legend of feelings false? Or is the effect of my bundle of fairy rope too strong? 。 joyshineinflatables.com

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