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"The speed of my treatment now can't catch up with the speed of devouring and transforming, even though I'm trying my best.". At most, it will slow down the rate of devouring transformation and slightly prolong your wife's life. Alphonsus sighed, "If I could have saved your wife easily three months ago, but now.". Forgive my inability to do so. Lin Lei stood there in a daze. He fully understood the speed of the devouring. It's like a spark starting a prairie fire, and the further it goes, the larger the area it burns. A little spark. You can burn a prairie. This'green point of light 'is like this. The longer it takes. The faster the devouring rate. And that long the chances of save Delia. Boss, boss. Bei Bei Lian shouted. Lin Lei. Cried Pusrow, too. But Lin Lei stood there as if he were silly, quietly. Alas. Alphonsus sighed, too. Inside the house, Geslaysen, the rosefinch patriarch,75 inch smart board, and the other elders all looked at each other for a moment. There was nothing to say, and the whole atmosphere in the back room was very depressing. Mr. Alphonsus. Lin Lei suddenly said eagerly, "I beg you to help me first and try to prolong my wife's life.". Give me enough time, and I'll call someone else. "Well?" Lin Lei looked at Alphonsus expectantly. Lin Lei understood that the speed of Alphonsus's treatment was not as fast as the speed of devouring, so. If Alphonsus is going to prolong Delia's life,interactive boards for classrooms, he's going to need to keep treating her there. That's my request. It's a bit too much. But I can't help it! "Lin Lei." Said Alphonsus Zhengrong, "whether it's because of your family of four gods and beasts.". Or because of the Lord of the mansion. If I had the power, I would definitely help delay your wife's life. But I must tell you that even if I help, it will be delayed for one or two days at most. "A day or two?" Lin Lei was stunned. It was hoped that the delay would be a few years. The longer, the better. This soul healing is not as simple as you think. I heal your wife. I just said that, because your wife's soul is extremely repellent. The body has a direct response. Alphonsus said, "The soul is a very central place. I have to be very careful when I treat it. If I lose a little energy, it will hurt your wife's soul and make your wife die." For a short time, I can keep my best condition and make no mistakes. But in that case, touch screen board classroom ,smartboards in classrooms, a little longer. The power of my soul is too much. It is normal to make mistakes. Once you make a mistake. Your wife just.. Alphonsus said apologetically. Lin Lei was silent for a moment. Lin Lei, the Lord of the mansion will come soon. Maybe the master can save your wife. Gaisraison said, Lin Lei's eyes lit up: "Yes.". And the master of the mansion. Alphonsus said, "Lin Lei, I have already said that.". Let you be ready, although I also admire the Lord of the mansion, but to be honest. I don't think the Lord has the power to save your wife. "Monsieur Alphonsus." Lin Lei was a little angry. There are only three ways to save your wife. Alphonsus said. Lin Leilian listened carefully. First. A strong man who practices the rules of life almost to the limit. Estimate the speed of treatment. Can exceed the speed of phagocytosis. This kind of person can save your wife. Of course, it has to be now. If in two or three months, to the last stage, I am afraid that the life rules will be strong again. Too late to save your wife. Alphonsus said, "but the rules of life practice.". Mobile phone reading novel interview wap. б. To the limit of this kind of person, let alone hell, is the highest plane of life, are very few, the second way. Is to use the power of the Lord of Life. With such a devouring speed, the power of the main God of life is powerful. Enough for a quick cure! "The power of the Lord God of life," said Geslayson eagerly. Our family of four gods and beasts has it! "Yes.". With the power of the Lord God of life. Lin Lei Liandao. You haven't heard me out yet! Alphonsus shook his head and said, "The power of the Lord of Life is extremely powerful.". The speed of repair is amazing, but. The power of the God of life is too strong. It is impossible for the superior gods to manipulate to perfection. You must have used the power of the Lord God and know it. The power of the Lord God will escape. Lin Lei was stunned. Yes The power of the Lord God is too strong. The control ability of the souls of the above gods can not perfectly control the power of the main gods, which will make the body surface of people who use the power of the main gods filled with blue halo, black halo and so on. That is caused by the automatic escape of the power of the main God.
There is a saying that. The power of the Lord God can only be used once! Because Once the superior God activates the power of the main God. There is no way to stop the power of the Lord from escaping. Even if we don't fight anymore. The power of the main God will automatically escape the light. Use the power of the Lord to save Delia. In the depths of the soul, the power of the Lord God, let alone escape. As long as there is a slight mistake. To the soul, Delia's soul will die! "Alphonsus said." Remember, save Delia. The use of the power of the main God can not have a trace of escape. There was a slight mistake! Lin Lei's face turned pale. He understood this truth, the power of the Lord God. That is the energy of the main God, and the superior God should control it perfectly. Even do not waste a trace, do not escape a trace. He hasn't even heard of it. Geislayson said: "The ability to control the power of the main God to this extent, the superior God is also a place.." In the legend. It is a pity that the superior God who has reached the realm of Dzogchen can perfectly control the power of the main God. I have never heard of the superior God of Dzogchen in Youlan Mansion. Lin Lei could not help smiling bitterly. "Mr. Alphonsus, isn't there a third way?" Lin Lei Lian said. Alphonsus said helplessly,interactive digital whiteboard, "The third way is to ask the Lord God to come out!"! As long as it is the Lord God 。 Any of the main gods! Can easily save your wife. 。 But Can you please move the Lord God? "This third way is nonsense." Beibei said discontentedly. Lin Lei was silent for a long time. Mr. Alphonsus. Is there no other way? "Lin Lei asked again.". Alphonsus nodded with great certainty. "With my study of the soul, I am absolutely certain that there are only three ways.". There is no other way. The first way. Find a life rule to practice almost to the limit, far beyond the super power of Alphonsus. Where can I find Youlan Mansion. hsdsmartboard.com

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